228. Bauhaus

More often than not, music inspires people to get out of their chairs and dance. With Bauhaus, it may have inspired people to sit down and mope in the basement.   Given the title of the “Fathers of Goth music”, Bauhaus took Post Punk music in a darker and gloomier direction than their contemporaries. Bauhaus was able to incorporate other musical styles like Glam Rock, Krautrock and Funk and keep the mood dark. In their brief career, Bauhaus mastered the art of taking music into emotional places that most musicians never even thought about. As such, Bauhaus found themselves as an unintentional muse for future bands and were considered quite influential. They may have never got past cult (which they still have today) status, but Bauhaus could have never been a mainstream band anyway.           The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 2004   Country of Origin:…
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