229. Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes

They say that Rock is a young man’s game and many a Rock star put out their best work in their twenties. An exception to that is Harold Melvin, who did not get his big record deal into well into his thirties. He certainly made the most of it when he did.   Harold Melvin may be the front name, but it was the smooth soulful voice of Teddy Pendergrass that brought them to the forefront. With a diverse catalogue that featured Philly Soul, R&B and early Disco, the Blue Notes unleashed a series of hits on both the Pop and R&B charts. With the sleek Gamble & Huff team producing them, the sophistication of their music was really allowed to shine. Still one of the more covered bands in Soul, an induction for Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes would include Pendergrass, which could be the ace in the…
  • Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes

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