231. Madness

More patterns on this list emerged than when we first envisioned this endeavor. One such trend that we incorrectly foreshadowed was that of the perceived British one hit wonder. The Ska Revival band Madness falls into that category as most Americans remember their crossover hit, Our House, but that song was hardly indicative of the music that Madness produced.   Like the Specials and the Beat, Madness was one of the leading bands in the British Ska Revival scene. Madness spent more time on the charts than the other two bands did which was likely due to their quirky and somewhat playful nature. Although they had more mainstream success this was not to say that this was a band that “sold out”. They had a very broad appeal (in England anyway) that was very natural and had they been exposed more to an American audience, this could have been the…
  • Madness

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