234. The Marvelettes

If you were to take a guess as to who was the first Motown act to score a #1 hit, few would guess the Marvelettes. It is hard to see why this would be the case as this was a girl group that had many hits in the early days of Rock. It also easy to see why they might not be considered as they had a Pop sound that didn’t sound like the Motown groups that followed.   Not only were the Marvelettes the group that gave Motown its first hit, they helped put them on the map. The Marvelettes were not just the first Motown success; they were one of the better girl groups who had a distinct Pop infused sound that helped them gain cross over appeal. Carrying the weight of their label on their shoulder the Marvelettes set the stage for other Motown girl groups to…
  • The Marvelettes

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