248. Bachman-Turner Overdrive

With selections on this list (and within the actual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame itself) we can hear people moan about how their just isn’t enough “real” Rock and Roll bands listed. We have a feeling that those who feel that way would have no issue if Bachman-Turner Overdrive were to find itself in the Hall.   As the 70’s saw Progressive Rock emerge and the beginnings of Disco begin, many bemoaned the lack of a straight up basic Rock and Roll band. The Canadian group; BTO were one of the few basic guitar driven groups who were able to crack radio. Their formula was a simple one of just playing “old time Rock and Roll” of which they were one of the best of the decade to do so. Despite the hits they have, our wager is that if the Hall looks toward the frozen tundra of Winnipeg…
  • BachmanTurner Overdrive
  • Randy Bachman

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