257. The Cramps

Many artists in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame received their induction into the Hall for creating or popularizing a genre or subgenre. Depending on whom you ask, the Cramps creating their own genre just by merging two radically different ones.   From the CBGB scene, The Cramps have been deemed as the band that combined Rockabilly with Punk Rock. The combination isn’t actually as bizarre as some people may think as both Punk and Rockabilly are genres known for their rapid tempos. Dubbed “Psychobilly” music, the Cramps were known for their campy lyrics and horror movie allusions and were theatrical as they were talented. They were cited as influential by many future Alternative acts. Not too bad for an American band that never charted.         The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 2003   Country of Origin: U.S.A. (New York City)   Nominated In: Never  …
  • The Cramps

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