26. Sonic Youth

Our next act is a band that will likely be beat out for induction by other 90’s Alternative acts, despite having a sound that wasn’t really like the bands they are often lumped with. Of course, it is really hard to categorize Sonic Youth with any other band, they were just that unique.   Unlike other bands on this list, Sonic Youth spent much of their career forgoing the traditional Rock and Roll platform. Much of their work was based on experimentation pushing the boundaries of what a guitar could do by using feedback and various tuning to create a wide variety of sounds and molded them into palatable music that was different than anything else in the musical landscape. Certainly considered influential within the Indy and Underground scene, it remains to be seen whether their lack of record sales could hold them back. Our guess is that should they get…
  • Sonic Youth
  • Thursten Moore
  • Kim Gordon
  • Lee Ranaldo
  • Steve Shelley
  • Jim ORourke

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