260. The Stylistics

In the entry regarding the Spinners, a mention was made about the lack of Philly Soul groups in the Hall. The Spinners might get in one day representing the genre, but if they don’t it would not be an impossibility to see the Stylistics take that spot instead.   Some have called the Stylistics one dimensional as the bulk of the material was in ballad form. That may be somewhat true, but when you could produce ballads that were so smooth and soulful it was difficult for fans to want them to produce anything else. The 70’s saw them dominate the R&B charts; many of which were hits that were able to cross over into the Pop charts. Eventually, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will induct another Soul act (not just specifically Philly Soul) and they could do a lot worse than the Stylistics.        …
  • The Stylistics

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