277. Pulp

When we initially envisioned doing this list yearly we assumed that we would be looking at Britpop acts years into the future. We forgot about Pulp, who scored big during the Britpop years but were together for over twelve years before it.   It took Pulp years to hit the big time but when they did it was if they amalgamated all the styles they tried out in the years before. The Disco infused Guitar Pop about working class Brits was as fun as was poignant. As one of the biggest bands in the U.K., they failed to hit as big stateside as Blur and Oasis did, but they did establish somewhat of a following. Pulp disbanded in 2002, but the albums they produced in their latter half showed a band capable of merging multiple styles with ease. Although they are eligible years before Oasis, our guess is that when…
  • Pulp

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