282. Simple Minds

The decade of the 80’s has left behind many things that are iconic and can not be imagined in any other time period. Although the best known hit of Simple Minds is synonymous with the John Hughes 1985 classic, the Breakfast Club, does that song really scream 80’s and if so is it mostly because of the film?   Maybe our point is that Simple Minds may be primarily an 80’s band, but their sleek Pop styling had a much underappreciated sophistication to it that was not always commonplace for the decade. Following the standard pattern of Post Punk to New Wave to New Romanticism to a successful amalgamation of all three, Simple Minds spent their early career embracing the musical trends in an artistic manor. With associations to U2 and the Pretenders and with an often overlooked body of work (that continues to expand), the Scottish group could pose…
  • Simple Minds

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