284. Stray Cats

Is there a generation that doesn’t look at some sort of reverence to the ones before? Music is no different, as there is a constant form of retro cool that keeps reoccurring in various forms. We have wondered if nobody understood this better than the Stray Cats, the band who ushered in the Rockabilly revival in the early 1980’s.   The Stray Cats were not just a Rockabilly band. They combined the pure Rock attitude of 50’s style Rock and Rockabilly with an updated look (just a touch) and a bit of the New Wave and Pop of the early 80’s. With the adage “that everything old is new again” combined with a sleek MTV look, the Stray Cats hit the big time and their fans ran the gamut of young to old. In addition, the Stray Cats were a very technically proficient band and time has looked on them…
  • Stray Cats

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