328. Chubby Checker

Easily the most famous singer from the 60’s who is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; many may find it puzzling that the man associated with the iconic “Twist” is not in the Hall of Fame, let alone the recipient of a nomination. Chubby Checker did have more hits than the Twist, but they were all following the same dance pattern, and many were just watered down versions of the Twist. Easily a man with a firm lace in Rock and Roll history, he may have to settle for that accolade as rarely does the Hall look at artists considered as one dimensional as Chubby Checker.         The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 1985   Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Philadelphia, PA)   Nominated In: Never   NIHOF’s Favorite Album: Limbo Party (1962)   NIHOF’s Favorite Song: Let’s Twist Again (Single, 1961)     {acepolls 317}

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