329. Mudhoney

From the ashes of the Proto Grunge band, Green River, Mudhoney was formed and in a few ways was Grunge’s first success story. The Seattle band picked up the local sound and was the first to have any real taste of success for the burgeoning Sub Pop label. With an influx of ears turning to College and Underground music, Mudhoney was a band that helped crack open doors that their Seattle brethren crashed open. Time has shone a solid light on this band, and though they are not likely Cleveland bound, their place in music history is entrenched. The Bullet Points: Eligible In: 2013 Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Seattle, WS) Nominated In: Never NIHOF’s Favorite Album: Mudhoney (1989) NIHOF’s Favorite Song: Touch Me, I’m Sick (Single, 1988){acepolls 632}

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