332. The Searchers

During the British Invasion, many an act became successful on the other side of the pond. Many are remembered and respected today, but in the case of The Searchers they seem to be forgotten with the exception of those they inspired. As it turned out, the amount of people they influenced was quite a lot.   In the shadows of the Beatles (but who wasn’t), The Searchers were an underrated British Invasion band who dazzled listeners with their blend of American music styles. As such they were able to cover virtually anything and when they created their own music it was distinct. More influential than credit for, legends like Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and The Ramones often cited them as very influential. With those heavyweights in their corner, this should raise their chances and they have a shot at being the next British Invasion band to crack the Hall.         Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 1988   Country of Origin: United Kingdom (Liverpool, England)   Nominated In: Never   Why They Will Get In: They meet the respect and influence factor.   Why They Won’t Get In: The Hall may only want put in so many more British Invasion bands in.   Essential Albums: Meet the Searchers (1963) Sugar & Spice (1963) It’s The Searchers (1964) Sounds Like the Searchers, (1965)   Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: Sweets for My Sweet (From Meet the Searchers, 1963) Sugar & Spice (From Sugar & Spice, 1963) Needles and Pins (From It’s The Searchers, 1964) Don’t Throw Your Love Away (From It’s The Searchers, 1964) Bumblebee (From Sounds Like the Searchers, 1965) {acepolls 239}

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