35. Nine Inch Nails

35. Nine Inch Nails
Trent Reznor (Basically, the only official member of Nine Inch Nails) never laid claim to creating the Industrial genre. We will say however, that this is the man that popularized it and gave it just enough if a pop sensibility to make it popular in the early to mid 90’s. As this was the decade where everything “Alternative” was given a chance, the brooding star took advantage of the opportunity and generated some of the best live performances of the past two decades. As he progressed musically, Reznor explored other genres while keeping a dark perspective. He has also embraced new methods of exploring musical promotion and distribution and his expansion to scoring films and winning Grammys gives Nine Inch Nails the package of mainstream acceptance, certifiable influence and critical love that will be hard to exclude from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Bullet Points: Eligible Since:…
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