36. The Cars

In our countdown we discuss many artists that have crossover appeal. With The Cars, we wonder if it is possible to fit into so many genres that you almost forget what genre they originally came from.   The Cars were one of those bands that it didn’t really matter what kind of music you were into because they would likely be there. If you were a hard rocker, their music was there. If you were into the Alternative scene, they were just Alternative enough to be on the fringe of your album collection. They were in the top 40 crowd and they were safe enough for the older adults as well. This was the perfect group for those who were listening to one specific type of music to get their feet wet while they explored another. Ironically, it is that ability to crossover that has labeled them as not very innovative and thus may prevent a very solid band from entering the hallowed halls of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.   The Bullet Points: Previous Rank: 2010: #60   Eligible Since: 2003  Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Boston, MA)  Why They Will Get In: They have a solid catalogue that appealed to multiple audiences.    Why They Won’t Get In: They were not considered as innovative as their peers. Nominated In: Never Essential Albums: The Cars (1978) Candy-O (1979) Shake it Up (1981) Heartbeat City (1984) Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: Just What I Needed (From The Cars, 1978) Moving in Stereo (From The Cars, 1978) Candy-O (From Candy-O, 1979) Hello Again (From Heartbeat City, 1984) You Might Think (From Heartbeat City, 1984)   www.thecarsunlocked.com   {youtube}hNyCn15B2F4{/youtube} {youtube}9hwE0slNd3Y{/youtube} {youtube}1o_JNTPs–Y{/youtube} {youtube}rpA3NVafsdo{/youtube} {acepolls 65}

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