376. Humble Pie

A much earlier entry discusses the Small Faces and their charismatic leader, Steve Marriott. When Marriott left the group he formed the Hard Rock group, Humble Pie which has been described as a Blues Rock band that was capable of delivering gritty Rock music. Technically proficient, Humble Pie did very well in England and made a dent in North America, though not much else. The interesting intangible here is that Humble Pie also featured Peter Frampton would be the best way to get both Marriott and Frampton in.         The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 1994   Country of Origin: United Kingdom (Essex, England)   Nominated In: Never   NIHOF’s Favorite Album: Rock On (1971)   NIHOF’s Favorite Song: 30 Days in the Hole (From Smokin’, 1972){acepolls 355}

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