38. Lou Reed

Many musicians crave the spotlight and as we look up and down the list we created we find many artists who fit that description. Our forty-third selection, Lou Reed seems to be an exception to that rule, as he often appeared to eschew Rock and Roll stardom in favor of his art.   Already inducted for his work in the Velvet Underground, Lou Reed’s continued his solo career right where his work with the Velvet’s left off. He remained Rock’s most eccentric poet, breaking taboos as he went along. Nothing was off limits for Reed; transvestites, homosexuals, suicide and drug abuse were among his topics, yet Reed could be as equally poignant in songs that reflected more positive motifs. Certainly considered influential, even his deliberately bad “Metal Machine Music” is thought by some to be the origin of Noise Rock. The perception is that even though his solo work was…
  • Lou Reed

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