387. Peter, Paul & Mary

With beautiful harmonies and as one of the first political Folk groups of memory, there can be little doubt that the threesome established their place in musical history. The question is does the most successful Folk group of the 60’s have enough Rock and Roll credibility to get into the Hall? Unlike Dylan or even Joan Baez, Peter, Paul & Mary may have had some songs about anti-establishment ideas, but they look like your aunt and uncles. They have yet to receive a nomination, and the Hall may remain reluctant a group that seems so mellow.         The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 1987   Country of Origin: U.S.A. (New York City)   Nominated In: Never   NIHOF’s Favorite Album: Album 1700 (1967)   NIHOF’s Favorite Song: Leaving on a Jet Plane (From Album 1700, 1967){acepolls 449}

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