39. Soundgarden

Welcome to the first true heavyweight entry of the Grunge question.  The question is not whether a Grunge associated act will get in; because one will.  The question is how many, and does the Hall have a quota.  With Soundgarden now eligible, we are fascinated to see what will happen. While many of the other Grunge acts drew from Punk, it could be argued that Soundgarden had more of a Metal root.  They received a lot of notice in the Pacific Northwest and many musical experts predicted that it would be Soundgarden (and not Nirvana) that would bring the musical focus to that region.  Although they were not the first to hit it big, they did make it, and quickly became a favorite of many.  The mid 90’s were especially good to Soundgarden as they had hit records, and headlined Lollapalooza.  They broke up in 1997, but many look back…
  • Soundgarden
  • Chris Cornell
  • Kim Thayil
  • Matt Cameron
  • Ben Shepherd
  • Hiro Yamamoto

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