40. Brian Eno

As shown by our earlier and later inclusions we don’t have a problem listing artists (in varying capacities) twice. Already on this list as a member of Roxy Music, Brian Eno would probably be in our top five should we ever get around to listing producers but for now we will settle for a solid top fifty rank for his solo work.   Because of Brian Eno’s stellar work as a producer, it is sometimes forgotten how talented he was as a performer. Upon leaving Roxy Music in 1973, Eno followed his own path experimenting with music both in how it was produced and how it sounded. Eno’s foray into Electronic music resulted in the creation of a new genre, Ambient, in which notes and rhythm were less important than the actual sounds created. We can’t imagine that Brian Eno won’t get into the Hall someday. The real question is…
  • Brian Eno

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