43. The Doobie Brothers

One of our committee members asked why it was that whenever they think of our next selection they are constantly reminded of Michael Douglas reading in a paper in the jungle that they broke up while rescuing Kathleen Turner in Romancing the Stone. Gordon Gecko aside, the Doobie Brothers are of course known for much more than that 80’s Pop culture reference.   As one of the more successful bands in the 1970’s the Doobie Brothers may have gone through as many style changes as they have lineup changes. Originally a standard Rock band favored by the biker set, the Doobies became a melting pot of differing genres in their early work. Rock, Country, R & B and Bluegrass could all be heard in the series of successful albums that churned out songs that would become staples of the decade and on Classic Rock stations today. Upon the departure of…
  • The Doobie Brothers
  • Michael McDonald
  • Tom Johnston
  • Michael Hossack
  • Patrick Simmons
  • Jeff Baxter

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