46. Def Leppard

Similar to other artists on this list we suspect that our next selection will generate polarizing opinions. Def Leppard, like many artists associated with the Hair Metal scene often has to overcome the image that the genre created.   Emerging from the British Metal scene in the late 70’s, Def Leppard would eventually achieve huge success in the 80’s selling out arenas and millions of records. They were forced to alter their music with the freak accident that cost their drummer one arm, but rather than replace him they kept him and actually thrived with their new style of Rock. It certainly didn’t hurt that in the video age their good looks garnered them more female attention than most artists. Some detractors point that they were not a very “hard” band to wear the Metal tag, and the 90’s only saw that number swell as Grunge’s emergence was a reaction to the style of music that Def Leppard (right or wrong) was doing. Regardless, at their root Def Leppard was a very solid Rock band which was all they really ever claimed to be, and their legions of fans couldn’t care less what any critic had to say. The Bullet Points:  Previous Rank: 2010: #53   Eligible Since: 2004 Country of Origin: United Kingdom (Sheffield, England) Why They Will Get In: Very few artists have their commercial success and could be a good draw at the ceremony. Why They Won’t Get In: They are often associated hair metal, not exactly the most beloved style in music. Nominated In: Never Essential Albums: High ‘n’ Dry (1981) Pyromania (1983) Hysteria (1987) Adrenalize (1992) Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: Bringin’ on the Heartbreak (From High ‘n’ Dry, 1981) Photograph (From Pyromania, 1983) Foolin’ (From Pyromania, 1983) Rock of Ages (From Pyromania, 1983) Rocket (From Hysteria, 1987)   www.defleppard.com      {youtube}DvNOZegkVXo{/youtube} {youtube}jACrmwTsi08{/youtube} {youtube}iVxiHC9AJQw{/youtube} {youtube}5o1G0GSiNQM{/youtube}   {acepolls 58}

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