50. Duran Duran

We can hear the groans with this selection already. Chances are that if you were a music lover in the 80’s you either loved this band or despised them. If you loved them, you likely had teased hair and envisioned “LeBon” as your future last name. If you hated them, you likely spent a lot of time in the smoker’s pit with a cheap ghetto blaster blaring Heavy Metal. Coincidently, the NIHOF committee had both representatives.   Behind the legions of the teen girls who worshiped them in the 1980’s, lays a solid band that always fought against their pretty boy image for respect. Ironically, it was the band itself that perpetuated their all style and no substance image with their iconic videos in the 80’s. It can be argued that they were the first to truly understand the medium as their look was copied more often than their sound.…
  • Duran Duran
  • Simon Le Bon
  • Nigel John Taylor
  • Nick Rhodes
  • Roger Taylor
  • Andrew Taylor
  • Warren Cuccurullo
  • Stephen Duffy
  • Sterling Campbell

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