55. Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Do we even bother to raise the Progressive Rock question in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame anymore? As this list continues we find yet another band of the aforementioned genre who may be wondering what they have to be considered Hall eligible. Certainly, the fans of Emerson, Lake & Palmer are wondering the same thing.   Dubbed the first “supergroup” of Progressive Rock, the three members of Emerson, Lake & Palmer came from existing groups (Keith Emerson from The Nice, Greg Lake from King Crimson and Carl Palmer from Atomic Rooster) and combined to push the boundaries of Progressive Rock. They drew from classical as well as Jazz influences and specifically their pioneering use of the synthesizer was certainly considered unique and different. They were also known for their over the top live shows in which they tried to match their musical textures in both sound and look.…
  • Keith Emerson
  • Greg Lake
  • Carl Palmer

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