55. War

The United States of America has often touted itself as the “Melting Pot” of the world. We will let some other website debate the validity of that statement. For now, we will simply slot the ironically named band, War as the band on our list that we think best serves the Melting Pot analogy.   The multi ethnic California band were able to fuse the multiple genres of Rock, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Blues, Jazz and Latin that was delivered in a laid back delivery that certainly made them unique. They were fronted by former Animal’s lead singer, Eric Burdon for their first two albums though they were able to prove they could certainly deliver the goods after he left. Despite their perceived mellow approach and ironic name their music was more socially aware than they got credit for and with their recent nomination, their chances for induction is certainly stronger than one would think. The Bullet Points: Previous Rank: 2010: #57   Eligible Since: 1996 Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Long Beach, CA) Why They Will Get In: They broke down racial and cultural barriers.  Why They Won’t Get In: They are not the most recognized musicians of their era. Nominated In: 2009 Class   Essential Albums: Eric Burdon Declares “War” (1970) All Day Music (1971) The World is a Ghetto (1972) Why Can’t We Be Friends? (1975) Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: Spill the Wine (From Eric Burdon Declares “War”, 1970) Tobacco Road (From Eric Burdon Declares “War”, 1970) The Cisco Kid (From The World is a Ghetto, 1972) The World is a Ghetto (From The World is a Ghetto, 1972) Low Rider (From Why Can’t We Be Friends?, 1975)   www.wartheband.com   {youtube}GMlrI6IkQv0{/youtube} {youtube}3i0DMbCKnAg{/youtube} {youtube}liq_wYFkMoU{/youtube} {youtube}2IXhqMC5Q_U{/youtube} {acepolls 57}

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