57. The B-52’s

Sometimes, you can’t associate music to a region. Coming from the American South, The B-52’s redefined what music was supposed to be from there. Then again, nothing was ever typical with the B-52’s.   Arriving in the late 70’s with their retro chic look, The B-52’s also had a sound as unique as their appearance. Their music had trace elements of Disco and with driving surf guitars and unique interchanges between the three singers they created a danceable New Wave style that was as eccentric as it was fun. Although they meet the Hall’s key requirement of innovation, their campy lyrics and look may overshadow what is a real solid Rock band.         The Bullet Points:   Previous Rank: 2010: #56   Eligible Since: 2004 Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Athens, GA) Why They Will Get In: They are a lot more respected than people think. Why They…
  • The B52s
  • Cindy Wilson
  • Kate Pierson
  • Fred Schneider
  • Ricky Wilson
  • Keith Strickland

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