59. Herbie Hancock

Generally when you look at the career of a musician you find a steady progression. In the case of Herbie Hancock, we find a career that did not seem to follow any discernable pattern though it did produce a brilliant career of musical experimentation matched by few.   With the possible exception of John Coltrane, Hancock could be the most controversial figure in the history of Jazz music. His albums crossed every aspect of Jazz and criss crossed from one style to another without any discernable pattern. Influenced by electronic components, Hancock was the first to use synthesizers and computers creating a unique hybrid of Jazz, Electronica and Funk. Considering that he recently received a Grammy Award for Album of the Year and has a huge body of work that keeps growing, his chances for induction should keep improving with each passing year. It is a strong possibility that the…
  • Herbie Hancock

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