61. The New York Dolls

A common thread on this list is musicians who are ahead of their time. We can’t help but think there may be no other band on this list that defines that opening sentence better than the New York Dolls, who not only helped define a sound but a look as well.   The New York Dolls became the blueprint for a lot of Punk bands that would follow; they had the dirty androgynous glam look with the crash and burn sound of rebellious Rock and Roll. Although they did not stay on the scene past two albums, a couple of years later would see bands emerge in both the New York and London scene who borrowed a lot from the brief but tumultuous band. As an original Punk disciple they will fall into the category of The Stooges and MC5 as bands with limited lives but long lasting influence. Still,…
  • The New York Dolls

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