62. Bad Company

If any band on this list might get in based on the sum of their parts, it could very well be Bad Company; considered one of the first true Supergroups of the 1970’s. Coincidently, it might be their best way to get in too.   Forming in 1973 from past members of Free, King Crimson and Mott the Hoople, Bad Company had the pedigree on their side. Their music was solid Blues based Rock and Roll that spawned numerous hits and album sales. With a series of songs that have shown solid staying power led by the strong voice of Paul Rodgers, they have a body of work that remains appreciated by Rock aficionados. Rodgers could be the real key, as his total career with Free and other projects could propel Bad Company to an induction. The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 1999   Country of Origin: United Kingdom (England)   Why They Will Get In: If they consider the past groups of the members as a whole, they could be a lock.   Why They Won’t Get In: They did not dominate an era.   Nominated In: Never   Essential Albums: Bad Company (1974) Straight Shooter (1975) Run with the Pack (1976) Desolation Angels (1979)   Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: Bad Company (From Bad Company, 1974) Ready For Love (From Bad Company, 1974) Shooting Star (From Straight Shooter, 1975) Silver, Blue and Gold (From Run with the Pack, 1976) Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy (From Desolation Angels, 1979)   www.badcompany.com {acepolls 140}

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