62. Journey

How can a band that has not had a new hit in nearly twenty years and reviled by so many still be one of the most downloaded artists today? Despite the criticism that Journey did receive, of the “Arena Rock” bands, it can be argued that only the Steve Perry group has the ability to re-release a song and have it sound like it was produced recently.   After a few failed albums, Journey hired the vocally talented Steve Perry to be their lead singer and altered their sound to produce radio friendly hits. The move proved fruitful immediately as Journey would go on to sell millions of records with each album generating a hit. They would sell out arenas full of fans eager to listen to their power ballads. While the style of music they championed may be detested by some, it has spawned many an imitator and maybe…
  • Journey
  • Steve Perry
  • Arnel Pineda
  • Neal Schon
  • Randy Jackson
  • Jonathon Cain

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