63. Pantera

With all due respect to Metallica, it has been often stated that Pantera was the most important Metal band of the 1990’s. Looking back to that decade, it is easy to see why Pantera has that distinction as if any band broke Metal into new boundaries in the 90’s it surely was Pantera.   The first part of Pantera’s career; may not have yielded its best results. Their efforts in the 1980’s saw them in the Glam Metal genre which yielded neither commercial nor critical hits. With the addition of vocalist Phil Anselmo, the new decade saw Pantera adopt a new attitude and a new style of Metal later dubbed Groove Metal. As Grunge ripped through the fabric of the Metal landscape, Pantera (though not a Grunge band) helped to make the Glam Metal of the 80’s seem like a tame bubblegum act in comparison. Bucking the trends of other…
  • Pantera

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