64. Dire Straits

Punk and Disco may have dominated the late 70’s, but that didn’t mean that Rock bands did not break through. The English band Dire Straits managed to churn out some music that has had some astounding staying power over the years.   Dire Straits drew their sound from laid back Blues and a touch of Country. This resulted in a solid mix that with was perfectly fronted by Mark Knopfler’s melancholy voice. With lyrics that were a little more introspective than usually get credit for, they also had an underrated crossover appeal. With a huge hit in the 70’s and a monster album in the 80’s that generated huge airplay, Dire Straits certainly entered the public conscious. The real question is whether this will be enough to get them inducted over other traditional Rock outfits.         The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 2003   Country of Origin:…
  • Dire Straits

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