66. Buzzcocks

If there is a Mecca in the British music industry it would have to be Manchester. It is there where we have our next entrant; The Buzzcocks. Although they did not have the same impact as the Sex Pistols, a band they opened for, their influence in the Punk world may be almost as important.   The Buzzcocks took a different approach towards their music than other Punk groups did.  Rather than sing about anger and rebellion, they song more about angst and frustration which was lyrically some of the music of the era.  Their focused energy created a Punk Pop sound that was totally relatable to the youth of their day (or today) and yet was still fun to listen to. Had they achieved bigger commercial stardom in North America their chances for induction would likely be much greater but any somewhat successful Punk band could have an outside…
  • Buzzcocks

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