67. Pat Benatar

Is it possible to be important to look like a Rock Star than to actually sing like one? With Pat Benatar, there was no question that she looked like a Rocker, and her early 80’s music was certainly Rock as well. We wondered aloud though, if she didn’t have the look she did, would we know who she was today?   Pat Benatar oozed a brand of tough sexuality. Benatar did not even sing Rock music until her early twenties; but when she did, she brought to Rock a classically trained voice and a uniquely sexy look. Everything about her screamed “Rock Star”. Anyone around in the early 80’s certainly remembers the legions of imitators who copied her appearance. Although her series of hits dried up by the end of the 80’s she was still able to inspire legions of women to enter the world of Rock and Roll. She…
  • Pat Benatar

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