69. INXS

Considering how much Western Pop Culture is inundated with Australians, we would have thought we would have had an Australian act by now. Instead, our first selection from “Down Under” was on the brink of flirting with being the biggest band in the world at one point. It didn’t happen, but it is hard pressed to find anyone who can’t hum an INXS song or two.   It isn’t that difficult to figure out why INXS got so big. Originally starting out as a pub band they incorporated just enough of the New Wave element to fit in with that crowd, but kept enough of their original Rock credo to attract that set. As they evolved, they created a danceable Rock sound that could play on any radio station. Throw in the sultry good looks of the deceased Michael Hutchence and you had an instant recipe for international stardom. The 1990’s Alternative movement put a major dent in their sales and Hutchence’s suicide in 1997 should have put the band on ice. Surprisingly, INXS has managed to soldier on, and is not impossible that they have some excellent music left in them. If they can reemerge with another solid album, they could find their chances for induction greatly improve.   The Bullet Points:   Eligible Since: 2005   Country of Origin: Sydney, Australia   Why They Will Get In: They do have a huge international reputation and had an excellent run.   Why They Won’t Get In: Do they really want to induct J.D. Fortune?   Nominated In: Never   Essential Albums: The Swing (1984) Listen Like Thieves (1985) Kick (1987) X (1990)   Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: Original Sin (From The Swing, 1984) Kiss the Dirt (From Listen Like Thieves, 1985) Guns in the Sky (From Kick, 1987) Mystify (From Kick, 1987) Suicide Blonde (From X, 1990)   www.inxs.com {acepolls 124}

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