7. MC5

When the NIHOF committee got together and threw around adjectives to describe the musicians on this list the word “revolutionary” was mentioned quite often. Revolutionary certainly fits the music of MC5 (The Motor City 5), but this could be the only band that actually wanted to start a political revolution one as well.   Emerging from the shadows of Motown, the MC5 (Motor City 5) was an abrasive outfit whom along with the Stooges set the tone and attitude for the Punk scene years later. Their music was loud and intense and even caused their peers in the counter cultural movement to shake their heads with their political affiliations. Although, they never did hit the mainstream and their career was not an extensive one, they easily go down as one of the most important bands in the American music scene and are one of Punk’s true forefathers. The fact that…
  • MC5
  • Wayne Kramer
  • Fred Sonic Smith
  • Michael Davis
  • Robin Tyner
  • Ian Astbury

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