71. Boston

We remember a bit from Wayne’s World where Wayne Campbell discussed how in the 70’s the Fleetwood Mac album, Rumors (in another bit he inputted Frampton Comes Alive) was shipped to every house. He very well could have inputted Boston’s debut album which likely was found in most turntables in suburbia. No joke, that album really was that big.   Arena Rock is loosely defined as a softer and some cases more of a corporate and commercial version of Hard Rock. Certainly, Boston was slickly produced; they were essentially the brainchild of Tom Scholz who spent years producing what he thought was the perfect “Rock” sound. His vision proved to be right, as Boston seemingly became an overnight success and became the highest debut album of all time. As successful as it was commercially, the label of corporate rock certainly did not fit as Scholz painstakingly labored over the next…
  • Boston

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