73. Blue Oyster Cult

If “Don’t Fear the Reaper” comes on the radio, can you hear that song without thinking “More Cowbell”? Many in the current generation can’t, which is a bit of a shame as The Blue Oyster Cult deserves to be remembered for more than that Saturday Night Live skit.   The Blue Oyster Cult was one of the top Hard Rock/Heavy Metal bands in the 70’s.  As much of their music was based on more science fiction and literary references than their peers, they were called by some as “the thinking man’s Heavy Metal band”. Simultaneously, they were able to generate some radio friendly songs that were able to expose them to additional audiences that other Hard Rock/Metal bands couldn’t generate. Metal bands are not the most beloved genre in the Hall, but as an American group they may possibly squeak in over some of their British counterparts should the Hall…
  • Blue Oyster Cult
  • Buck Dharma
  • Eric Bloom
  • Albert Bouchard
  • Allen Lanier
  • Joe Bouchard

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