74. The Sonics

The early 90’s brought a lot of attention to the Pacific Northwest music scene, and there were many who thought it came out of nowhere. The reality was that Alternative music in its various forms was alive and well and if anyone was the early champion of the state of Washington it might very well be the Sonics.   Of the often debated argument of who the first real Punk band was, the Sonics often receive a lot of votes in that department. At their roots they were a Garage band, but even for that raw genre, the Sonics took that to an even more primitive level. They were loud and brash and stood out from what was already an abrasive pack. They had a posture and a swagger that put others to shame. It can be debated as to whether the Sonics were the first Punk band, but it can’t be ignored that this commercially unsuccessful made a lasting impression on many who would become superstars.   The Bullet Points:   Previous Rank: 2010: #48   Eligible Since: 1990   Country of Origin: U.S.A. (Tacoma, WA)   Nominated In: Never   Why They Will Get In: Their critical reverence is still growing.   Why They Won’t Get In: Without a major hit, they could be easily overlooked.   Essential Albums: Here are the Sonics (1965) Boom (1966)   Our Five Favorite Songs as Chosen by Each Member of the NIHOF Committee: The Witch (From Here are the Sonics, 1965) Boss Hoss (From Here are the Sonics, 1965) Psycho (From Here are the Sonics, 1965) Strychline (From Here are the Sonics, 1965) Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (From Boom, 1966)   www.sonicsboom.com     {youtube}aV3JD9eniKE{/youtube} {youtube}Dw6Fjo6VXTg{/youtube} {youtube}goe2fpeHYLk{/youtube} {youtube}BINOU2zh6Ac{/youtube} {acepolls 49}

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