78. Supertramp

The next selection found the NIHOF committee reminiscing a little bit more than some of our other selections. It seemed we all had an older sibling or knew of one with a worn out vinyl of Breakfast in America. They were like comfort food; they may not have been the best out there, but Supertramp just felt so comfortable to listen to.   Supertramp was not always so palatable. After producing a pair of Progressive Rock albums that failed to find an audience they altered their sound in a more pop oriented way. The move proved fruitful as they made successful albums, radio friendly singles and international success. They kept enough of the Progressive sound to still appeal to those devotees and in the latter half of the 70’s few bands were more successful. Supertramp never did make it through the MTV era, but they did have a solid career.…
  • Supertramp

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