80. LL Cool J

As the Rap stars begin to become eligible for the Rock and Roll of Fame, they face the same debate that stars from other genres do: that of whether popularity should supersede art. LL Cool J could be the first of the Rap stars to fall strongly on the popularity side of the equation, as though he did sell a lot of albums, but was also accused of selling out.   LL Cool J (born James Smith) made his mark by blending Rap with the Pop sound and helped to broaden the Rap genre as much as any other star of the 80’s. He gave the world Rap Ballads and gave the genre a romantic side it never knew existed. But there in lied the problem, as West Coast Rap and Gangsta Rap took over, LL appeared as a sappy dinosaur to some while he was still in his early…
  • LL Cool J

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