83. Thin Lizzy

For a country with such a small population, the rich musical history of Ireland is an extensive one. Our first representative from the Emerald Isle is the Hard Rock band, Thin Lizzy; though it may surprise some casual fans that Thin Lizzy was even Irish.   Thin Lizzy bordered on Metal tendencies with their dual guitar attack but their main source of appeal was their working class lyrics. It was perfect music to listen to at the pub with your friends while downing a frosty beverage or two. Their lyrics although inspired by an Irish lower class lifestyle still resonated on both sides of the Atlantic and with a multi ethnic lineup they were a rarity in rock circles at the time. Considered now as an underrated band in revisionism, they may get into the Hall, but they are likely to have to wait until other Hard Rock bands from…
  • Thin Lizzy

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