87. Kool & the Gang

There are many people who first heard of Kool & the Gang form the monster hit, Celebration in 1980. After that, the band churned out multiple hits of the softer R&B vibe that generated them much success. However, like a few other artists on this list we can’t help but feel that we are discussing two different careers as the Kool & the Gang of the 1970’s was much different than the decade that followed.   Originally forming as a Jazz band, Kool & the Gang soon would implement Funk and Soul which led to a series of albums that charted well on the R&B charts. Some of Kool’s efforts managed to crossover into mainstream Pop success. In retrospect, the work of Kool & the Gang has occasionally been compared to that of Parliament and James Brown. It was however when singer, J.T. Taylor was brought in that their sound…
  • Kool and the Gang

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