89. Chic

If any artist associated with Disco gets into the Hall next, the current top contender would have to be Chic. Ironically, if people wanted to make the argument that they aren’t a Disco band, a few of us at NIHOF would not completely disagree.   Chic may have arrived a couple years too late to have had a longer run. Commonly associated with Disco, Chic took the fun and dance of Disco and injected R&B. The result was a technically sound band that produced some of the best dance music ever created. Much of their music would later be used as templates for many of the other urban sounds that would emerge years later. Chic’s run at the top was brief, but unlike many of the acts associated with Disco, they achieved respect in the music community. Considering their slew of recent nominations (five; four of which occurred consecutively) there…
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