91. Three Dog Night

Again we find ourselves with a band that achieved great success on the charts yet were not darlings of the critics. Yet as successful as they were in the early 70’s, they are barely known by today’s generation. Funny, they were not always so anonymous.   When we said they were successful, we certainly meant it. With twenty one top forty hits (eleven of which went top ten) to their credit they were all over the charts. With a three voice attack, along with intricate arrangements their slick production values were tailor made for radio play. Ironically, this could also be their biggest obstacle. They were painted by some as too commercial and thus were devoid of the rebelliousness of the Rock and Roll Spirit. Their success gives them a shot, but it is just a remote one at this point.         [FilmStrip][/Filmstrip]The Bullet Points:   Eligible…
  • Three Dog Night

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