92. The Guess Who

They say that in some cases the sum is greater than its parts. In terms of rock bands this is often true. But what if the parts still did other things after it left the sum? Okay, that was convoluted, but with The Guess Who, we think that this statement holds some water.   The Guess Who had a lot in common with the other Canadian bands that it paved the way for. Significantly more popular in their own country than they were in the U.S., they hold the distinction of becoming the first band from Canada to make serious headway South of the border. Ironically their first and only number one hit was the song “American Woman” which actually put down America more than it praised it. Regardless, they had a decent run with their Bluesy Rock sound and had philosophical differences between the principle members (Burton Cummings &…
  • The Guess Who
  • Burton Cummings
  • Randy Bachman
  • Chad Allan
  • Gary Peterson
  • Jim Kale

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