95. Slayer

With the 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction of Metallica many eyes looked to the other members of the “Big Four of Thrash Metal”. Does this pave the way for their induction? Time will tell, but the odds are that if any of the other bands in that elite group get in, Slayer is probably the group with the best shot.   Of the aforementioned four Thrash bands, Slayer has to be considered the “heaviest”. In addition to the rapid velocity in which they played and their shouting vocals; they sung of “dark” topics that touched on death, genocide, Nazism and Satanism. Not only is Slayer part of the “Big Four of Thrash Metal”, they have been considered to be a big influence on the Death Metal scene. Still together today, Slayer’s fan base remained strong as they never veered to far from their roots and never did…
  • Slayer

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